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The Soshanguve - Youth Business Development Programme

As a community based youth organisation, Soshanguve Youth Organisation (SYO) purpose is to generate quality of life outcomes for school leavers and unemployed youth by promoting vocational careers in home industry and small business initiatives to promote a sustainable and productive community.


The objective of the SYO is to promote SMME’s as a career pathway to both male and female secondary school leavers, and to identify potential candidates for further development ensuring a skilled workforce into the future.


Soft Touch offered and now supports a “Trade Talent Programme” the Trade Talent Programme is targeted at secondary school students, particularly female, who have discovered for themselves their own natural abilities towards trade skills and have gained more confidence to consider a trade as a possible future career option.


Ruby Gangiah Soft Touch - Executive Chairlady points out among the many logistical barriers that exist for these youth are endemic drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and low socio-economic circumstances that comprise long-term unemployment and un-employability. Significant cultural and emotional restrictions emanating from this environment are dominant male behaviour driving feelings of low self-worth for young women, and the potential isolation from within the community for those interested in participating. We have committed R 150 000.00 in support over the next three years to build and strengthen the “Trade Talent Programme”


 Planned Activities

 Time Frame


Business Planning  In Progress  Soft Touch Trading (Pty) Ltd (STT)
Opportunity Identification  On Going  STT
Identifying Mentors & Coaches  On Going  STT
Business Skills Training  TBD  STT
Market Linkages  TBD  STT

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