Our Touch Points

We are in the service rendering business, we need to know whether we’re serving "you" our customers as capably as we can, so which satisfaction definitions and measures should we use?

Defining our Excellent Service satisfaction is a very important undertaking to us—one that even the most customer-focused companies, fail to do. We have defined our Service Excellence culture very carefully, how can we monitor and measure it, let alone produce it on a consistent and reliable basis?

We are pleased to get your comments and views, and aim to use what you tell us to make improvements. To help us do this, we have a Service Excellence feedback scheme so that you can compliment us, make comments about what we do, raise concerns and make complaints.

Whether we’re good, bad or indifferent we want you to tell us where we are going wrong as well as when we are doing a good job.


Periodically we will send you a link and ask you for your feedback.


Contact Information

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