Testimonials for Ruby Gangiah

"Ruby is a leader by example: she is disciplined, focused, ethical, thoughtful and strategic and always the consummate professional."

"I have always been excited about the professionalism and energy that seem to exude from any property Ruby is involved with and I attribute that to her decidedness and vision."

"I've always appreciated the respect and support you have given me. You should be proud of the accomplishments you made as this property only exists today because of your guidance."

"Ruby's deep experience is invaluable to start-ups and properties on the cusp of growth. Ruby is able to use her multi-disciplinary talents in an area that, while awash in "experts", is starved for hands on mastery for detail."

"Ruby I really appreciate all you have done for me. You are someone whose ideas and positive approach offer a great deal to those with whom you come in contact."

"Ruby is experienced, high energy, and one of the most creative and stimulating individuals you will ever work with."

"I have known and worked with Ruby Gangiah for several years and her combination of ethics, personal drive, knowledge and talent are truly rare."

"Ruby has an outstanding personality with great perception, and one of the most dynamic individuals with whom I have had the opportunity to work with."

Contact Information

Postal:                         PO Box 35506,           Menlo Park 0102,        Pretoria,           South Africa

Offices:                       Unit 313 The Block,   7 Aurora  Drive,          Umhlanga Ridge,        Durban,

Telephone:                   27 (0) 31 566 2641      Fax:     27 (0) 86 610 5574      e-Mail:             [email protected]