Quality Assurance Advisor

Our team of qualified specialists will attend to your every need to provide you with the best advice that will ensure excellent end results for your desired outcomes.

Grading Advisor

If you are the new owner of an establishment or currently in the process of planning a major refurbishment, or want advice around improving the quality an advisory visit is the ideal opportunity to discuss your plans with an experienced quality advisor.


Universal Accessibility (UA)

Universal access refers to the ability of all people to have equal opportunity and access to a service or product from which they can benefit, regardless of their social class, ethnicity, background or physical disabilities. It is a vision, and in some cases a legal term, that spans many fields, including education, disability, telecommunications, and healthcare. It is tied strongly to the concept of human rights. (as cited at Wikipedia)

Universal Accessibility Advisor

Persons with disabilities have equal right of access to all tourism infrastructure, products and services, including employment opportunities and benefits that the tourism industry can provide. The tourism industry should provide the same choices for all consumers to ensure the full participation of persons with disabilities, and protection of the individual's right to travel with dignity. We are in a position to assist you to achieve this milestone.


Meetings, Exhibitions & Special Events Advisor

The venue has a direct impact on the success of any function. If you have the right venue to offer, you’re more than half way there. The other half is measured on the following; Accessibility, Parking, Peace & tranquillity, right size venue & break-away rooms, Catering, Professional staff, AVW (Audio, Visual & Wi-Fi) Equipment, Good accommodation and facilities (Not applicable to non-residential establishments), Universal Accessibility friendly and Budget. We can help you map these demands.


Food Service Advisor

To see what’s really happening with your food service, you need an outside, expert, objective perspective. You need a team that knows the game to assess each and every aspect of your operation: from front of house, back of house, back office to personnel, purchasing and menu design … and everything in between.


Front of House Advisor

Your front of house team is the face of your business and a high performance culture is paramount to maintain a steady flow of returning clients. Our advisors will be able to ascertain the weak links and offer solutions that will exact a culture of high performers. We will look at six core zones; problem solving, etiquette and deportment, language proficiency, assertiveness, anticipative thinking and fit for the role.



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