Quality Assurance Training

SA Host

SA Host is a national programme to develop service excellence skills and promote a culture of customer service in South Africa. This programme is focused on creating an awareness of the importance of the individual’s role in delivering superior customer service in their place of work and their community. The experience gained from similar programmes run in fourteen countries worldwide, has been used to develop the SA Host programme.


Service Excellence

In our business we depend on the mood of those receiving our service. We must be empathetic and even use psychology. Try to think like customers. In this programme we will drill down to the four pillars of Service Excellence; Service Excellence Culture, Customer Care, Excellent Service and Customer Aftercare.


Grooming and Deportment

Look good, feel fantastic and boost your confidence and self-esteem! Grooming and deportment are essential parts of development, life skills and personal presentation. A first impression is a lasting impression. In this programme the following subject matter will be covered; posture, deportment and body language, personal hygiene and product knowledge, skincare and make-up, wardrobing, manicure, speech, etiquette, hair care, human relations, esteem and confidence.


Grading Readiness/Awareness Workshops



Guest Establishment Management

The nature of the small to medium sized hospitality business results in the establishment manager having to be a jack of all trades. In this programme we will unpack the management responsibilities and procedures in managing your/the establishment.


Guest Establishment Operations

A well defined and efficient daily operational process are central to maintaining high performance standards and providing customers with consistent and excellent service, In this programme we drill into the reservation, front desk, check-in, food and beverage, housekeeping and check-out procedures into simple and logical steps based on best practice industry standards. We will also look at how to WOW the customer.


Business Manager – Tourism

It is important to understand exactly what is meant by the term Manager head of business. Firstly, it can be said that this person must have an understanding of business sciences/studies which implies that he/she must have an academic understanding of many different business elements. These include, but are not limited to: finance, marketing, organisational studies, project management, economics and accounting. So we have put together a programme together that covers the four keys to running a successful tourism business; HR Management, Business Administration, Finance and Marketing.



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