Testimonials for Premanandha Gangiah

"Prem Gangiah brings laser like focus to every business assignment he undertakes. Results oriented, articulate and insightful - his work product is prolific, always meaningful and on target."

"Prem has performed beyond our wildest expectations by going well past his original scope of work to create incredible opportunities for our business. He has done this without self interest and in the process has earned both our respect and our gratitude. Through Prem's hard work, creativity, and closing ability, we ended-up with a very lucrative business closure with one of the giants in our industry. Finding Prem was like winning the Business Coach lottery."

I have watched Prem's consulting work first hand in other companies, negotiated against him, and have even sat on National panels with him. You will find him to be a strategic thinker, problem solver, insightful, and a quick study. His style is professional; non confrontational and logical even in the heat of battle. Prem always did exactly if not more than he promised and always when promised - a trait grossly missing in today's business environment in my opinion. He is hard working, dedicated and for me was/is fun to work with. He has integrity and "does the right thing" even when it does not benefit his situation - another trait of a professional in my opinion."

"As the CEO of a successful BEE company I've been promised many things by many people, most of whom fail to deliver on their commitments. I've become very skeptical over the last few years, but Prem Gangiah is one of those unique individuals who actually exceed even the best expectations that you may have had after first speaking with him. I hope that our company will have a long business relationship with Prem Gangiah who is one of the best businessmen I've ever had the luck to meet."

"As the business strategist of a nationwide company, Prem Gangiah’s intuitive and knowledgeable understanding of how a successful business should run has given me a sense of calm. Prem has repeatedly shown the ability to see through the haze of what ifs and second guesses and offers concise, fact based solutions to any problem we have thrown at him to date."

"Those who work with Prem invariably appreciate his direct no-nonsense assessments and the clarity of thought that comes from a personal commitment to excellence and the intense focus on results as being the only true measure of success."

"The Real Deal: In less than 30 days Prem Gangiah has over-delivered (literally we have 3 exhaustive documents) on his promises. We have used several consultants in the past but none have matched Prem's clear and practical insight into our business and its corresponding challenges. Most impressive is his ability to create a clear plan and his passion in seeing the plan executed through to the end."

"I have known Prem now for over five years. I have encountered few with his level of mental acuity and the corresponding ability to transfer this into business strategy and tactics. He is well informed and a thinker who can synthesize a wide variety of materials into deeply insightful writings and comments. He is also an excellent judge of talent and can be counted on to provide well thought out opinions on people and performance."

"There are some people whose quiet intelligence, wit and friendliness are immediately clear, and in whom these qualities increase with each and every contact. Prem Gangiah is one of those rare people."



Contact Information

Postal:                         PO Box 35506,           Menlo Park 0102,        Pretoria,           South Africa

Offices:                       Unit 313 The Block,   7 Aurora  Drive,          Umhlanga Ridge,        Durban,

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