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The Kriya Gangiah - Young Women Leadership Programme

Kriya Gangiah TV/Radio Personality and Infotainment Professional is a young lady driven by wanting to share her life learning and growing young women between the ages of 15 to 18 years in the art of leadership.

Kriya tells us her vision "KGYWLP must be established to nurture the intellectual curiosity and creativity of young women and to address their developmental needs. Learning is dynamic and participatory, enabling young women to experience great success on many levels, especially in leadership. Young women must be encouraged to achieve their personal best in and out of society. KGYWLP will strive to work with young women to instill in them a sense of community, responsibility, and ethical principles of behavior - characteristics that will help make them leaders of the next generation".

 Kriya presented Soft Touch a compelling case with the idea that young women and young men are equals in society is a common misconception. After all, there are more women going to work every day than there are men and women are breadwinners: a working wife, on average, contributes 42.2 percent of her household’s income. Women receive the majority of university degrees. But for some reason, this doesn’t add up to young women rising to the tops of their societal groups in any significant numbers.

Soft Touch understands the impact of educating young women about leadership and teaching them tangible skills to become leaders.The Executive Chairlady of Soft Touchhas pledged R 150 000.00 over the next three years to support this initiative saying "I have personally mentored four of my colleagues in senior leadership positions, all of whom later have become successful in their own right and I will continue to coach others who I am sure will rise to great heights, after all Soft Touch is female owned and managed".


 Planned Activities

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 Programme Design and Development  In Progress  Soft Touch Trading (Pty) Ltd (STT)
 Programme Marketing  On Going  Kriya & STT
 Identifying Programme Facilitators  On Going  Kriya & STT
 Training Programme Facilitators  TBD  STT

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