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Board of Directors Training

Board of directors training can help a board fulfil its role and make a real difference to a company’s performance. Good board of directors training takes you through the mechanisms of the world’s best performing boards and helps you explore your own board challenges. It takes a practical and pragmatic approach – because every board has a unique role in company oversight and duty to stakeholders. Here are some things you can look ahead to from board of directors training. The four pillars of effective boards. Best practices and behaviours from top boards, Best risk practices for boards, Boards and strategy, Board dynamics and board/CEO dynamics, Making board processes meaningful, Refining the role of the chairman and Boards in crisis.


Ethics and Integrity

Business ethics are the code of morals that are the standard of conduct expected of or adopted by a business. They are the set of principles which guide business or which a business adopts as the acceptable standard of performance in respect of various stakeholders and interested parties. These stakeholders include its customers, its suppliers, its employees, its shareholders, government authorities and any other party which interacts with the organisation. Business integrity is the reliability with which the business undertakes its transactions with the various parties with which it interacts. It is the soundness and honesty with which it conducts its business transactions and the relationship that it promotes with all parties with which it interacts. When business ethics and integrity are present all parties dealing with the business know they can rely on the standards with which the business conducts its business transactions.


Anti-Corruption Workshops

These workshops are facilitated by one of SA’s greatest exponent on anti corruption. Seeing and experiencing is believing.


Privacy and Data Protection

Covering all the basic principles of the existing Data Protection legislation in South Africa, this course also focuses in on the upcoming Protection of Personal Information Act, and the impact it will have on SA’s SMEs as well as Enterprise organisations. This 2 Day Primer will provide appropriate knowledge transfer to begin the process of employees to understand the impact of protecting data. Taught by South Africa's leading instructors in Data Protection, and with the unique insight that STT has around practical challenges faced on a daily basis by corporate SA, this course will help answer most of the common concerns people often have with this legislation.


Contract Management

Contracts do not take care of themselves. Contracts need to be controlled very tightly to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks so that your company reaps the benefits of the contracting process. This is even more crucial given the current economic conditions driven by the Global Financial Concerns. Lack of attention to detail during the tendering process, poor evaluation techniques and poorly administered contracts can literally result in hundreds of thousands of rands in extra cost or lost revenue. This occurs because administration personnel did not have sufficient knowledge or the necessary skills to recognise the risks and opportunities and to properly manage the contracts. Our Contract Management course will help delegates develop these skills and provide techniques to manage their contracts to gain maximum benefit.


Tender Processing

Tendering is a highly effective means of attaining value for money services/goods in an increasingly competitive market. However, tendering is also traditionally known as a lengthy, paper-intensive and time consuming administrative process, demanding the services of a multitude of staff members. As with any lengthy process, cost very quickly becomes a major consideration. As a result, tenders are often either compiled in haste - resulting in even more costly and time consuming errors, or the process is avoided, which has potentially crippling financial repercussions. Participating in this highly practical training course, you gain vital business skills in developing a smooth and financially rewarding tendering process, but also be exposed to the latest thinking on tender evaluation, post tender negotiations, contract set-up and identifying and combating fraud. This intensive training will ensure that you return to your organisation with a wealth of tendering skills guaranteed to revolutionise your tendering processes.



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